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Why Choose LSEDC?

With countless preschool options available in New York City, what makes Little Scholars Early Development Center the right choice for your family? Below are just a few of the ways LSEDC stands out from the crowd.

Progressive Preschool Curriculum

Our teachers prepare children for the future by planning engaging lessons and activities that are backed by the latest research in early childhood development. We use a cross-curricular approach, which means that our lesson plans place emphasis on fostering the development of the whole child rather than simply imparting facts and information.

In addition to academic experiences, our preschoolers have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities ranging from yoga and Zumba to gardening and composting, all of which promote competence, confidence, and a sense of respect for themselves and for the world around them.

Farm-Fresh, Organic Meals

As an environmentally conscious organization, we take pride in offering farm-fresh meals every day. Our preschoolers benefit from balanced, delicious meals that support optimal performance and a healthy lifestyle. And because every breakfast, lunch, and snack is organic and locally sourced, we can feel secure in the knowledge that we are teaching environmental responsibility not only by word but by example.

Global Consciousness

We are passionate about providing the best preschool education in a safe, healthy, and organic environment. Our facility, equipment, and supplies are ecologically sound, and our teachers are committed to cultivating preschoolers’ sense of connection to nature and responsibility to the environment.

Whether you are a strong advocate for global consciousness or simply interested in providing your child with a positive and nurturing preschool setting, you can feel confident about enrolling your child at Little Scholars Early Development Center.